Fr. Michael Pfleger Warns He'll Shut Down Dan Ryan

Father Michael Pfleger has been a champion for change for decades in Chicago. He is constantly seen during marches, peace rallies and neighborhood events preaching peace and trying to come up with solutions to end the gun violence in Chicago. Fr. Pfleger knows what's needed in the communities of Chicago -- particularly on the south and west sides because he is on the front lines of where the violence is and who is committing such acts. Apparently he feels that there is a lack of resources such as jobs and other opportunities to keep criminals busy and give them hope to do right.  

I guess Fr. Pfleger is at the end of the rope with trying to get assault weapons banned because on Saturday he plans on shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway in the northbound lanes from 79th to 67th Streets. Fr. Pfleger already has a platform with his longstanding rallies and cries for help from those in a position of power to make moves on banning assault weapons but apparently it is not enough. He'll use Saturday's march on the Dan Ryan as a way to get the attention he feels is necessary for change. 

The move to shut down a major Chicago expressway is obviously very dangerous and can pose a problem in a number of ways. Illinois State Police are threatening to arrest anyone who participates in Saturday's march.

Father Michael Pfleger

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