Can We Please Have Peace in the Streets?

We Need Peace in ChiTown City Streets

Another police-involved shooting, rampant car-jackings, escalated gun violence in Chicago neighborhoods and people are just angry. Angry. So angry. We have been dealing with this unnecessary violence in Chicago for years now, so much so that the world cracks jokes and demeans the city because of its violent reputation. Even the president has thrown jabs at this town. 

There have been several street marches, peaceful protests, expressway shutdowns, cries and pleading for help but the problem doesn't seem like it is getting any better. Every time we turn on the news the top story is about some sort of violent crime. Headlines consistently include the words 'shooting' and 'shot' and 'killed.' Innocent people are being gunned down, children are struck by bullets, and the elderly are being caught up in gunfire. This is not normal. 

There is definitely a need for job training and jobs, affordable education, affordable housing and other resources. But at the same time we have to WANT to do better for ourselves as individuals, as a community, as a nation and globally. How do we get to the root of the problem? How do we change the mindset of those committing these crimes? Once we come up with that solution, then we can begin to heal and have a renewed faith in society and start the process of peace. 

I am a Chicagoan all day and for better or worse, I will always care about my beloved city. 

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