Celebs Need Love, Support And Encouragement Too

Demi Lovato

For centuries celebrities and prominent people have been held to a much higher standard than the average person because of their platforms and the amount of money they have in their bank accounts. But we have to understand that at the end of the day, when the makeup and designer clothes come off, when the crowds go home, when the paparazzi leaves, celebs are just people too. 

They cry, they laugh, they hurt, they have feelings -- all of that, just like you and I. So many celebrities nowadays are really hurting because they face the same issues that most of us do, except they may not be able to cope with it all because their lives are always on display. 

Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child recently checking herself into a facility for treatment for depression. R. Kelly wrote a 19-minute song about his hurt and pain over decades-old accusations of sexual inappropriateness. Kanye West going on tirades about people and black culture, and admitting to an opioid addiction. Demi Lovato boldly performing a song about no longer being sober. These are all signs that these celebs are in reality every day people. Money can't solve all problems, fame can't cure all ills, fortune can't take away all of the issues of the world. 

So instead of so much criticism all the time, sit back and think about what people may be going through. I'm definitely not condoning unacceptable behavior by any means, but at the same time how can we fix the problem if we don't try to reach out to help, or encourage people to get some assistance with facing their challenges? Understanding, compassion, discipline, support and accountability is something we all need, except of course if you're perfect. 

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