Prince Heirs Want His Music Off of Twitter

Prince was so powerful when it came to decisions about his copyrighted music, and the request of his music being taken down from social media is still being enforced years after his death. His heirs have ordered a sing-a-long of "Purple Rain" to be taken down from Twitter. The video received more than 13 thousand retweets but the family said it had to come down and it did. 

Even when Prince was alive he wasn't a big fan of his music being played on social media. Years ago a toddler was dancing to one of his songs on YouTube and the family had to delete the video. Wow, right? But the case got settled out of court recently and the video is back on YouTube and has more than 2 million views. 

Well that's what happens when you are musical genius and music legend and you are super serious about your craft and how you want it distributed. Since his death, Prince's directives have eased up somewhat. You can now hear his music on Spotify and much of Prince's new music may be distributed on various record labels, something he was not a fan of. Remember when he turned his name into a symbol? That's because he felt he was being a slave to his then record label. 


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