Beyonce' Calls Shots For Vogue's September Issue

Beyonce' is Queen of the universe. Point blank. Period. Not only is she the biggest artist on the planet, but Queen B is putting her foot down when it comes to having creative control with Vogue Magazine. 

Okay so here's the deal. Beyonce' was given complete control over the coveted September issue of Vogue (fashionistas you know how important that September issue is!) and not only will she be the subject of the cover, she has hired the magazine's FIRST black photographer to shoot the cover! His name is Tyler Mitchell and he is just 23 years old. I still can't believe the illustrious Vogue Editor Anna Wintour left everything up to Beyonce', but then again we are talking about Beyonce' here! 

It's actually sad to know that in its 126-year history Vogue has never had a black photographer shoot its cover, but at least that opportunity has happened -- thanks to the Queen. 



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