Protest May Now Close ALL Lake Shore Drive Lanes

Chicagoans have been bracing for several days for the anti-violence protest scheduled for this afternoon. Not only will the march go on as planned, but now organizers are saying they may just shut down all lanes of Lake Shore Drive for the event. Originally only the northbound lanes would be closed, where the march will start at Diversey and Lake Shore Drive. But now that may all change, and if all lanes of Lake Shore Drive are closed, traffic will certainly be affected in several areas. 

Couple the shutting down of Lake Shore Drive with a Cubs game at Wrigley Field where the march is scheduled to proceed, and all the downtown traffic from Lollapalooza, and you've got one big traffic mess. Simply put, brace yourselves for a long commute. There are of course alternative routes but shutting down a major artery will definitely affect traffic elsewhere too. 

Hopefully this march will be peaceful and everybody will respect each other and their rights. 

Chicago Traffic


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