Beyonce' Asks That You Don't Hug, Kiss or Gift Her

Ut-oh, the media and anybody on a red carpet may not be okay with this move but word is Beyonce' has requested that during interviews, she is not hugged, kissed or given gifts from anyone. Yup, the Queen B has banned hugs and kisses during interviews because she is a real professional. And I get it because after all she is one of the world's most recognized artists and quite frankly she can request whatever she wants. 

And truth be told because of her status we should all be grateful that Beyonce' is still even granting the media interviews! So before you get upset or disappointed that she is alright with you not touching her or giving her a gift that she probably has no use for anyway, just put a smile on your face and do the interview and be glad you were in her presence for that moment. 



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