CPD criticized for using 'bait truck' in Englewood caught on video

Chicago Police criticized for using 'bait truck' in Englewood caught on video. See story here. https://wgntv.com/2018/08/08/chicago-police-criticized-after-use-of-bait-truck-in-englewood-caught-on-video/ 

There are some Chicagoans that would argue that this is just plain wrong. On the other hand there are arguments that claim there is nothing wrong with these particular tactics. So what do you think? A Chicago police and Norfolk Southern Railroad investigation that used a “bait truck” loaded with goods and was left parked in Englewood to lure potential thieves has come under fire after a Facebook video went viral. A video posted on Facebook by Charles Mckenzie, 29, last week appears to show officers arresting a man after he allegedly broke into a white truck in Englewood. The truck had Nike shoes inside, according to Mckenzie’s post.


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