Welcome To Chicago, Jay Z and Beyonce!

Bionce' Foxx and Beyonce'

When I used to do radio on V103's sister station WGCI, Destiny's Child was my very first interview. I was so stoked that I got to interview what would become one of the hottest girl groups in the history of American music. Beyonce' was so cool with her southern drawl, and of course Michelle and Kelly were also sweet. They may not have been quite as popular back then as they are now, but it was still a privilege to interview them while I was still "green" in radio -- and my first interview too? Wow!

Fast forward to years later, I had the opportunity to interview Queen B when she first went solo and had a concert at the United Center. We talked about having the same name and being about the same height (she's not that tall, but she wears those heels so she looks much taller) and she was so down to earth. I also interviewed Jay and he was the coolest ever! Dude even sent me a pair of his sneakers after I joked about him having to send me a pair. I didn't think he would come through, but he did. 

When I did radio in Vegas I saw Beyonce' quite a few times in and out of some of the shops along the Strip which frequently were shut down so she could get her shopping done in private. But most notably was a time when I saw her at the Gucci store in Caesar's Palace. I spoke to her and said, "I'm the Bionce' from Chicago!" She told me she totally remembered and reminded me of our conversation on the red carpet at a recent BET Awards. I was floored, not just because she's the Queen, but because how in the world did she remember something like that?

I'm a big fan of the Carter's. Considering their status, when you get down to it they are real people just like you and me. 


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