Tupac's Death Remains A Mystery 22 Years Later

It was exactly 22 years ago today that Tupac Shakur was gunned down on a busy corner just off of the Strip in Las Vegas. That day seems like it was just yesterday, especially to those of us who are genuine Tupac fans. 

Tupac presented us with a thugged-out persona, but outside of that what attracted me to him the most other than his rap skills was what I believe to have been his true personality. 'Pac was articulate, well-read on social issues and politics, compassionate and could quote Shakespeare and other literary geniuses like it was nothing. He was multi-dimensional and gave us a glimpse into his 'thug life' but guarded his intellect. 

It hurts my heart to know that his murder has yet to be solved 22 years after his death, but I thank the throngs of people who continue to keep his memory alive by holding a memorial at the corner of Koval and Flamingo Road in Vegas where he was gunned down, and just feet from where I used to live. 

Throughout my 20-year radio career I have always paid homage to the great Tupac whenever I play one of his songs, and I plan to continue to do so for the remainder of my career. 

Put your two's up.

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