Chicagoans No Longer Have To Display Parking Slips

You know how we have to go back to the car after we pay a parking meter box? Well those days are over! Beginning this Wednesday new parking boxes will begin to get installed so we no longer have to display that parking receipt in the windshield to prove that parking was paid for. 

The company that operates those pay boxes, Chicago Parking Meters, will install about 36 thousand of new touch-screen boxes where you will type in your license plate number then pay for parking. Meter maids will then have a hand-held device that will have a database that shows if you paid for parking. 

This seems like it will be more of a convenience because sometimes you may have to walk a whole block or half a block out of your way just to put display that receipt in the window. But you still have to do a little work when parking on a city street - now you have to make sure you have your license plate memorized.


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