Ro James' New Album Drops November 19

Ro James

You can hear Ro James' song "Permission" on the #BFX on @V103 just about every day and he stopped by the studio on his way to perform at the Riviera to tell me about his new album and some other things he is trying to accomplish. 

Born in Germany, Ro James has been around the world and knows a lot about different cultures. He wouldn't tell me the title of his new album which drops on Nov. 19, nor would he say who he is collaborating with, but that's cool I didn't want to press him on it. But he did say he would send me a preview so that's love, and he also said he has music from different genres on the album and listeners will be pleasantly surprised. He went on to say that some of his influences are Prince, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin and other music greats. 

In addition to his music goals, including his desire to score a soundtrack for a movie, Ro James is also working on an fashion accessory line, a jewelry line, a children's clothing line and so much more. This cat is very busy and that's a good thing because it's always smart to have other passions working to build that brand. 

A very nice and humble guy, I am not only looking forward to Ro James' new album next month, but I'm also looking forward to watching his career flourish. Cool peeps. 


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