Will The Violence Ever Stop In Chicago?

Why are there so many shootings and killings in Chicago? This rash of gun violence has been going on for several years now and unfortunately it seems as though it won't stop any time soon. What can be done to stop the flow of guns on our streets? 

We can't even drive or ride down an expressway for fear of being hit by a stray bullet. In the past several days there have been a few shootings on I-57, the most recent happening last night right before 8 p.m. That is so ridiculous! The rush hour was winding down and there were still several cars on the expressway.  I get tired of seeing crying mothers mourning the deaths of their sons from bullets, and weeping because their daughters are missing without a trace. And bullets flying at a funeral where a family mourns the loss of their loved one, really?

There are so many solutions but why aren't they being initiated? I don't see how all of these cranes in the skies continue to build multi-million dollar high-rises, yet there is never enough money to build recreation centers or businesses that will supply jobs. Where are the extra-curricular activities in schools? Where are the job training programs? Where are the mentors who work in corporate America?

And the blame can't be placed solely on the system, we all know what's right and what's wrong. People need to take control of their own lives and find peace in their hearts and try to respect and love one another.   

We definitely need healing in these Chi-Town city streets. 


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