Many Chicago Restaurants Are Open On Christmas Day

There was a time when there was literally nothing open on Christmas Day. I remember as a kid not even the gas station would be open and I would ask my parents what would happen if people ran out of gas? But now you can find so many restaurants open for business on the biggest holiday of the year.

I'm glad to know that places like McDonald's and Starbucks are open because you may find homeless people or those without family having a cup of coffee or just needing a place to stay warm. Props for that. 

On the other hand, there are numerous restaurant owners who open the doors on Christmas Day and encourage the whole family to come in and dine. More of the chain restaurants as well as privately owned restaurants are open too. So if you do not feel like cooking this year, don't. Grab your cutest holiday gear and head to a nearby restaurant and enjoy. 

Click the link to find out which restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:


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