Holiday Travel Will Be Record-Breaking This Year

Record-breaking crowds are expected to travel by air, car and train this holiday season. Forecasts from AAA indicate that more than 112 million Americans will be traveling, that's up more than four percent over last year. 

In Illinois alone, almost six million people will be traveling, and 5.3 million of them will be on the roads. Ok ... just breathe, relax and enjoy the ride. Traffic will be a mess. According to AAA the reason for the rise in people moving around on the roads is because of the decrease in gas prices and the economy bounced back somewhat. 

Just a heads up, it is being predicted that the worst day and time to travel in Chicago will be on Monday which is Christmas Eve. If you especially travel between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. expect your trip to take more than double the time it would normally take you to get where you're going. Again, just breathe and relax because there is nothing worse than sitting in a bunch of traffic!

But the good news is when you finally reach your destination with loved ones and family, it's going to be well worth it. 


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