'Black Panther' Oscar Nomination Is Historic

Wow, what if 'Black Panther' won Best Picture at this year's Oscars? Well it should. I mean come on the movie grossed a gazillion dollars world wide. People of all races, backgrounds and cultures donned their superhero costumes and came to theaters in droves to watch the movie. It was something like a cult classic. 

And not only that, the movie was just good. It was a bit long for an antsy girl like me but nevertheless it kept my attention and had a great theme and messages throughout. And not only that, 'Black Panther's' nomination is historic because for the first time a comic book movie has been nominated for best picture at the Oscars. 

Rest in peace to Marvel comic book creator Stan Lee who died late last year. He won't be able to see the predominantly black cast walk on stage to receive that Oscar next month. The Oscars air Feb. 24 on CBS.


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