Chicago Bears Sign New Kicker Redford Jones

Talk about a lot of pressure of being an NFL kicker, especially when you are a kicker for the Chicago Bears. Now that pressure will be shared. 

So by now everybody is well aware about Cody Parkey's big mistake by missing a game winning -- no wait -- a playoff game winning field goal that could have very well sent the Bears to the Super Bowl had he made it.

At that moment the ball hit the upright and the lower bar, I could see on Coach Nagy's face all of the frustration in the world and I knew it was a matter of time before the Bears would be signing a new kicker. Welcome to Chicago Redford Jones, who now may be faced with the same type of pressure but hey somebody's got to do it right? After all guys, you only have one job and that's to kick a football through the uprights!

Chicago Bears Kicker Redford Jones

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