A few pix from the 90's Kickback Concert

Last night was The V103 Young Fly 90's Kickback Concert. It was an honor to be the headline Dj and let me start by saying, "IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!" The energy was to the moon and everyone that was working was a complete joy to work with. It was hosted by Bionce' Foxx and Chris Michaels and even Leon Rogers from WGCI came thru. Part 2 is coming!!!!!

While I was trying to find the "right pose" and the I'm not paying attention pose was the best pose. Chicago's Tightest Female Dj

My office for the evening.

My office and view for the evening. Chicago's Tightest Female Dj Sundance. Heard EVERY Friday from 7pm-1am "Flash Back Fridays" AND every Sunday from 12noon-7pm "Old School Sunday w/Sundance"

THIS is how V103 pack a house!!!!!

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