Hot Topic: Wendy Williams' Husband Allegedly Has A Newborn

I often say that celebrities are just people too. They have feelings, they are emotional and they also deal with the stresses of life, and such is the case of Wendy Williams.

It is no secret that Wendy has had her share of ups and a lot of downs lately. From rumors of domestic abuse, to living in a sober house, Wendy is definitely going through some rough patches and unfortunately it is hard to keep it from the public because of her position as one of the top-rated talk show hosts.

Now comes word that Wendy's husband, Kevin Hunter, and his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson have welcomed a baby. For many years we have heard of the rumors of Hunter's infidelity but when a baby is brought into the world, that makes the situation much more complicated.

Now I know that Wendy has talked about just about everybody under the sun, and sometimes what she says can be quite hurtful but keep in mind that was her signature style as a radio host and it carried over into her daytime talk show. That's her job, that's what she prefers to do and surprisingly it has made her who she is today -- a very successful media personality.

Now that Wendy is going through her issues, it isn't fair that the world beat her down. At the end of the day she has feeling and needs love and much care during these difficult days. I just wish people would stop saying, "Well she's talked about people for so long, she deserves this," or "Karma will get you every time," or "That's what she gets." No, that's not what she gets. Nobody is perfect and instead of knocking her down even further, how about encouraging her to move forward and sending her positive energy so she can become stronger and deliver uplifting stories where we can all benefit?

Wendy is definitely in my thoughts, as she is obviously experiencing some dark days now.

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