Is It Necessary to Constantly Address Someone's Sexual Orientation?

As a black woman sometimes I wonder why we still have to refer to someone as being the "first black person to do this" or the "first black person to be that." Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with bringing attention to certain things, but haven't we as black people been around long enough where when we accomplish something our race doesn't necessarily have to ALWAYS be included?

There are some instances that are greater than others, for instance, when Barack Obama became the first black American president. Now that was big. Like, really major for the country and the world for that matter. But when someone runs for political office and they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, is it really that important to mention that they are gay or lesbian?

One of my gay friends said that it is very important to acknowledge the fact that someone is in the LGBTQ+ community because they want it to be known and feel as though they need to recognize that that person can do or be anything they want. He went on to say that the community has fought so hard to have equal rights and certain protections that it is like a celebration when someone reaches a goal or has a platform.

I personally did not think that it was necessary to always refer to someone's sexual orientation. Just mentioning the fact that they have a wife or husband of the same sex could be enough to realize what a person's orientation is. But since there is a Chicago mayoral candidate who is lesbian, if she wins I'm sure we will constantly hear that "She is the first lesbian and black woman to hold the office of mayor." Well since my friend said that they welcome the acknowledgement and it is not offensive in anyway, I get it and I respect it.

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