Divvy, Lyft's Partnership To Get You Around Chicago For The Next Nine Years

Bike-sharing Divvy and ride-sharing company Lyft will partner to move us around the city. The Chicago City Council has made Lyft the exclusive operator of the Divvy bikes for the next nine years. So does that mean those pretty blue bikes will now turn pink to match the Divvy brand? I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I do know the merge of the two companies will cost upwards of $50 million to invest in new bikes and stations and hardware -- and probably that pink paint to paint all those bikes!

According to the Chicago Sun-Times Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot wasn't feeling the idea, saying that there really shouldn't be an exclusive operator, and she wasn't exactly impressed by the way Mayor Rahm Emanuel sealed the deal.

Lyft competitor Uber and bike-sharing company Jump offered to have about 20,000 bikes in all 50 wards of the city by next month.


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