Cuddling Is A Legit Form of Therapy For Many, Especially Men

Did you know that cuddling is a form of therapy that can heal from depression, lonliness, sickness, and different types of mental illness? Yeah, it may seem a little odd, but there are cuddle groups popping up everywhere and many are aimed at men who generally don't show too much affection -- or emotion for that matter.

Professional cuddling services are legit forms of therapy for those who may have suffered a loss of a relative, or who may be going through a divorce, lonely, or for those who may just need to feel loved for a number of reasons. The cuddle sessions are taken very seriously and do not include any type of sexual physical connection, simply emotional and psychological. The purpose is to provide a sense of feeling connected because according to research, human contact is essential for survival.

For some men cuddle groups are just plain weird. Many find that it is for homosexual men and that they would never do it. However, there are several cuddle groups specifically for men gaining popularity. And just for the record you can decide on the level of contact that you wish to have with the professional cuddler. On a personal note, I'm not sure how comfortable I would be cuddling with a perfect stranger, but if it works for you go for it.


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