She was the the second female drummer that I ever laid eyes. Karen Carpenter was the first (RIP). But Sheila E. had flair, style and MAD SWAG!!!!! I loved everything about her and on top of that, she could sing!!!! I was in high school when Love Bizarre was released. SO WHEN I SAW HER PLAY DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heart has stop beating) Instantly, I saw my future. I fell in love with percussions. I've been around drums all my life thru church but never have I seen a woman play drums as aggressively as Sheila E.

I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Be a professional drummer!!!! As I pursued percussion in high school, I fell in love with drumming... But..... life happened.... Djing substituted my affectionate love that I had with drumming. Close but it's not the same. I am going to see Sheila E. tomorrow and I am taking my snare drum in hopes that she would sign it.(fingers crossed).

I have copied this video to show you how cold she is on a set of drums, you can literally hear every stroke, every hit, EVERY THING! EPIC!!!!!! SHES THE BEST, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.



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