Disney Is Not Playing With Smokers And Parents With Oversized Strollers

If you are a smoker Disney World has some new rules for you to abide by. Beginning Wednesday all forms of smoking, including vaping, will be banned from all of Disney's parks in the United States. And for you sports fans, that goes for ESPN World Wide of Sports too. If you must light up a smoke, Disney has designated smoking areas OUTSIDE of its park entrances.

So who in the world is going to enforce this no smoking ban with acres and acres of an amusement park to walk through? The employees, that's who. And if you're caught smoking they will promptly lead you out of the park to the designated smoking area where you will be granted re-entry after you're done.

Also being banned at Disney are those extremely large strollers, parents. If it's larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long, you can't bring it into the parks. And another thing Disney is banning is coolers and bags of loose ice. Why? Because that slows down the process of checking bags and they way things are going in America these days, you know they have to check every bag coming in.

Just wanted to give you a heads up before you head to any of the Disney Parks this summer with the family.

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