Props To All Teachers In Chicago and Beyond, We Appreciate You!

Today kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week

Every first week of May teachers are recognized for their hard work for providing students with an education. As a teacher myself, I have to admit it is not always easy giving students knowledge about something, especially when there are so many things distracting them like social media. But I love every minute of teaching because although students may seem like they are not interested in what is being taught, they always end up having a great story about their experience.

One of my students whom I teach journalism through an after school program told me recently that her classroom teachers see a major difference in her writing skills. She also said she sees how her writing has improved and she no longer has to take a long time to begin writing, now it just flows. Other students will stay in touch with me and a year or two later say how they enjoyed the class and they are using what they learned, and it is helping them get better grades or just improve their social skills.

So I'd like to give props to every single teacher, whether you teach at a Chicago Public School, private school or at another institution, and whatever level of teaching you're on, thank you for nurturing, advising and instructing students everywhere. In some instances teachers are like parents or guardians, confidantes, counselors or just a friend, and in many cases teaching sometimes goes beyond the classroom.

If you are a teacher, thank you. What you do does not go in vain, you are making a big difference by educating and shaping lives.

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