Chicago Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot Wants To Work With President Trump

Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot is on a 3-day trip in Washington, D.C. with a plan to work with President Trump on issues affecting Chicago. She spoke with the president's daughter Ivanka, who is also a senior adviser about crime and other issues in Chicago, and she was impressed with the knowledge the First Daughter has about our city.

After that meeting, Lightfoot met with some House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Mayor-elect felt Speaker Pelosi has some general knowledge about Chicago too.

Mayor-elect Lightfoot informed officials that Chicago has a lot of great needs and the city should be receiving additional federal resources. She also mentioned topics such as the infrastructure, criminal justice reform and more. She made sure to let officials know that she would not be compromising her values, but that she was definitely open to discussion.

I just hope President Trump will stop bashing our beloved Chicago and please send us the assistance that is needed to make Chicago an even better place to live.

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