You May Have To Pay $1,000 To Own An Electric Vehicle In Illinois

Ouch! Listen up electric vehicle owners, pretty soon you may have to reach in your pockets and shell out $1,000 for your car. Yes, that's right -- one thousand dollars. It may sound ridiculous but there is a proposed hike of registration fees for electric vehicles. Currently it costs about $17.50 to register an electric vehicle, but the proposal seeks $1,000 for the fee. That is absolutely outrageous.

I don't even have an electric vehicle and that just seems crazy. Why so much just to register the car? Because the state is trying to raise money to improve roads and those with electric vehicles don't have to pay the state gas tax because, well, obvious reasons, and the gas tax is used to fund the road repairs.

Wow, the good news in all of this is that if you were thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, you now have time to change your mind because that stack would definitely make a difference in what car I would buy.


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