2019 NBA Draft Lottery Goes Down In Chicago Tonight

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery is taking place in Chicago tonight. And not only are we hosting the event, the Chicago Bulls just may have a chance at getting the number 1 pick, Zion Williamson.

Bulls fans are holding their breath hoping that the team can get the Duke Blue Devil who plays both small forward and power forward positions. And at 6 feet, 7 inches and 285 pounds, we certainly can use his power on the team!

Not only are the Bulls trying to get Williamson, it seems other teams are trying to snag him too. There are tweets that the New York Knicks actually have clergy praying for the opportunity to get the basketball star. I guess we won't know who gets the soon-to-be NBA rookie, but whoever gets him on their team, I know they'll be happy.

Congratulations to all of the future NBA ballers and fingers crossed our hometown will walk away with exactly the pick that they want.

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