Memorial Day Weekend Outfits That Say Hello To Summer!

I don't believe in rules of fashion, like that absurd rule that you shouldn't wear white before Memorial Day, and you can't wear white after Labor Day, that is just not true! Be you, and wear whatever you want when you want. There are really no rules to fashion in my opinion. If you feel good and look good in it wear it with pride!

And since Memorial Day is next week, here are some fashion trends on what to wear to kick off summer during Memorial Day weekend:

  1. Any outfit that represents the American flag, after all Memorial Day is day of remembrance for those who lost their lives while serving in the Armed Forces.
  2. If wearing the American flag is too much, how about just rocking an outfit with red, white and blue? That way you're still reppin' America, but sans all the stars and stripes.
  3. Anything white! White is the official "welcome to summer" color and there is nothing like wearing a white sundress or white jeans during Memorial Day weekend, you'll be so fresh and so clean!
  4. Wrap pants and matching top. So comfortable and very sexy.
  5. Faded or tie-dyed jeans are very "beachy" and retro.
  6. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or dressed down for various Memorial Day weekend activities.
  7. A crochet mini-dress. Show those legs and a little sex appeal ladies!
  8. Hi-Lo Shirt dress is casual, yet sophisticated depending on the accessories. Appropriate for any holiday event.
  9. Shorts, especially denim. And if they are ripped, torn, frayed or distressed that's even better!
  10. Off-the-shoulder maxi dress. It just screams summer and is very lady-like.

Whether you're at a BBQ, day party, club, bar, ball game or just hanging out with friends in the backyard this Memorial Day weekend wear what you feel, and wear it well!

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