Morehouse College Class of 2019 Get Student Loans Paid In Full

About 400 graduating seniors at Morehouse College in Atlanta are probably still shouting with joy right about now. This comes after billionaire Robert F. Smith promised the Class of 2019 that he would pay off their debt. What? I would be doing a dance from now until next year if someone paid off my student loans!

The fact that anybody would volunteer to pay the debt of so many still blows my mind. Oh sure, I know he has it because he is a billionaire, but there is something much more deep than that. This act of kindness has to give people hope that they can achieve greatness, and great things will be bestowed unto them. And it should also be an encouragement to step out on faith and work hard knowing that there will be a "prize" in the end.

My hope is that the students who received this financial blessing will hopefully give back in some sort of way as they pursue their dreams and goals. Just think how sweet life would truly be if everyone paid it forward.


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