Carjackings In Chicago Are On The Rise

Carjackings in Chicago are on the rise and it is a very scary thing. Imagine sitting at a stoplight, waiting for a family member to get off work, or just minding your own business in your driveway or parking spot and someone comes up to your car and steals it. Not cool. Not cool at all, especially when the person is brandishing a gun in your face.

What would you do in that instant? In some cases people have been able to escape unharmed but in other cases the act is so violent that a person may be thrown out of their vehicle and could risk being run over by another vehicle.

Are people so desperate that they have to force their will on you and cause harm and steal from you too? What is going on in our city? How does this keep happening? And keep in mind that most of these carjackings are happening in broad daylight, with people around. The most recent carjackings were near Whitney Young High School and at a valet right in downtown at an upscale restaurant -- during the day.

Be careful and aware of your surroundings, especially this holiday weekend. It really saddens me that this type of violence occurs daily in our city and in the suburbs too. No area is off limits.

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