John Legend Is The Winning Coach on Season 16 of 'The Voice'

From the moment the new season of 'The Voice' began, I knew John Legend would be the winning coach. Congratulations on a great season of mentoring amateur singers and shaping their talents into that of a professional.

John Legend's team contestant Maelyn Jarmon totally deserved to win. Her voice is simply amazing and unique. But what really amazes anyone who listens to her is the fact that Maelyn has a hearing impairment. She is totally deaf in one ear and only has about 80 percent function of the other. Can you imagine being able to hit the right notes and stay on key without being able to hear every sound? Kudos to her on being so talented.

And add another stripe to John Legend's already impressive resume of musical success. Not only is he an EGOT, but he walks away with the win after his first season on 'The Voice.'

The video of Maelyn and John singing the classic "Unforgettable" gives you all the reasons why they are winners.

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