Blind and Autistic Man Blows 'AGT' Judges Away With His Talent

A 22-year-old man who is blind and autistic wowed the crowd during his performance on "America's Got Talent." Kodi Lee had many in tears following his rendition of "A Song For You" on the talent show. Accompanied on stage by his mother, Kodi spoke very slowly when asked questions before sitting down at the piano to play the song, but once he performed, the audience was shocked.

This is a great experience for us all to see that although people who have autism do not react the way we may, they too are people and have talents and skills that we may not think they have. There are different spectrums of autism and communication can vary depending on the level that an individual is on.

My adopted nephew is autistic and in my opinion he is a genius, a brilliant soul who can do anything he puts his mind to. It's just that those with autism have a slightly different way of doing things but they, too are talented individuals like anybody else.


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