New Curly Lash Trend Does Not Work For Everybody

Um ... I'm not so sure about this new curly eyelash trend. I love faux eyelashes and all because they really make your eyes pop, but this curly look? Not for me. Now if you like it I'm cool with that, but when I look at it it just looks kinda scary, kinda weird and just not appealing at all.

I know there are lots of people with a naturally curly eyelashes, mine are pretty curly too but this right here? Nope. I think if I put these on there would be a cloud of curliness blocking my vision, or I would feel like some of those curly hairs would irritate my eyes, and furthermore that is such an unnatural curl that it is more of a distraction than anything.

Well I guess you can say this is one fashion/makeup trend that I won't be a part of. I'm going to pass on this one. Hashtag not cute.


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