"Rocketman" Gives The World A Glimpse Of The Very Eccentric Elton John


I remember hearing "Bennie & The Jets" blare through those big speakers in the family room when I was growing up. It took a while before I realized that all that soul was coming from a white artist, but even before that I was a fan of Elton John and his music. There was just something different about him that I loved, not to mention those cool platform shoes he would wear.

Even before it was as accepted as it is today, Elton John was super proud of who he was and his alternative lifestyle and even at 72 years old, he remains every bit of unique and extravagant. And I could talk all day about his talent and all the hits he has, but that would be a lot of words. I'm eager to see the new movie "Rocketman" which gives the world a glimpse of this very eccentric man who has unmatched talent and style, and I cannot wait to see it.

"Rocketman" is in theaters today.


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