Crop Tops Are The Latest Fashion Trend -- For Men

So ... there is a new fashion trend that is typically seen on women, but now men are wearing crop tops. Yup, crop tops, you know the top that shows your midriff? It may not be your flavor, however the trend is catching on real quick and you can definitely expect to see some fellas wearing this new look.

Those who are not in favor of the crop top for men have no issue with expressing their opinion about the fashion trend. Twitter was blowing up the past few days with critics of the crop top for me, saying it is not a good look. But get used to it because the crop top for guys is on trend forward websites like ASOS. You can also catch some choices on Amazon and Etsy lists some homemade options.

Let's face it, our society is becoming more and more gender-neutral and while I am not a big fan of this new trend, it is what it is and I will never judge a person based on their style preference.


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