Beyonce' Is The Voice of Nala In The Reboot of "The Lion King"


Maybe I need to check out "The Lion King" movie. I could quite possibly be the only person on planet earth who has not seen this classic film and although it was animation, I'm aware that people of all ages have checked it out and I understand it has a good message. I'm not a big fan of animated movies, I usually think they are more for kids so they don't generally appeal to me that much, but I'm being told "The Lion King" is a bit different.

And although this reboot of the film is still animated using computer-generated imagery, the characters are more real looking and I understand the technology is amazing.

For all of you Beyonce' fans, your girl will be the voice of Nala, and Donald Glover, who is also known as Childish Gambino will be the voice of Simba. I really don't know who these characters are, but I guess if I check out the original movie, I'll get it. And I better see it soon because the reboot of "The Lion King" hits theaters July 19.


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