Faith-Full Friday's!! Join The Movement!!

Hey yall!!!!! Welcome to Faith-Full Friday's and THIS movement you should join!

Ever had something in life KNOCK YOU CLEAN OFF YOUR FEET??? Had you asking God, "Why me?" Pain too much to endure? Too much to talk about that you teared up even speaking about it? Yeah chile I know!!! If I don't much, I know that when God wants your attention, he removes and shake things up to get your attention that nothing and no one should ever be higher than him...

I am living proof that ALL FAITH SHOULD BE IN GOD!!!! Believe it so much I went and made a shirt, just 1.... that turned into nearly 750 shirts in 6 weeks... The size of a mustard seed, that's all the faith we need in the most high.

So what I eventually saw, is the shirt turning into a movement. Everyone that got the Faith shirt, took extremely beautiful selfies, photo shoots, they had props and they really turned this into a Faith Movement. Salute!!!! To all my Faith-Full beauties.

So from now on, Friday's will be Faith-Full Friday's and I will give you a kind word or 2 to stay focus.

"No weapon formed, shall prosper!" None! If it is for you, it is yours. No matter WHAT you are going thru, God will see you thru it."



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