Electric Scooters Are Coming To A Chicago Street Near You This Weekend

A 4-month pilot program that will test electric scooters in Chicago starts this weekend. Several scooter companies will provide the scooters which will cover about 50 square miles throughout Chicagoland, particularly on the Southwest, Northwest and West sides of the city. They're shared, so it's like using one of those Divvy bikes.

Traffic can already be pretty congested in the summertime in Chicago, so now it will be even more important that commuters look out for those on the scooters. The scooters will cost a buck to unlock, and 15 cents per minute of use. You can also leave the scooters just about anywhere once you're done using it. And just like car, it has to be parked legally.

I'm sure I'll jump on a scooter this summer and take a ride through some of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. I hope this plan works because a scooter would be great for those who don't have a bike or car, and have a short distance to travel.


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