June 14 Is Flag Day, Do You Know What That Means?

Whenever I see an American flag flying in the wind I get emotional. The symbolism of the words "land of the free and home of the brave" resonates with me big time. Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of an Air Force man, I don't know, or maybe I do have more patriotism in my heart than I thought.

Today is Flag Day, and maybe you have never heard of it or maybe you have heard of it but don't know the significance. Let me explain what it is. Simply put, it is an annual celebration of America's flag. The holiday has been around since 1949 when Congress passed legislation to observe June 14 as a day of observance.

And although we continue to have struggles of civil rights and equality in our country, the American flag should be a symbol of the freedoms that our forefathers bled and died for. We are not where we should be, but thank God we are not quite where we used to be.



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