Iconic Designer and Socialite Gloria Vanderbilt Has Died

Remember wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans? They were so comfortable, the wash was incredible and they just seem to fit so well in all the right places.

The woman behind those jeans has died. It is being reported that Ms. Vanderbilt suffered from stomach cancer and died surrounded by family. She was 95.

Not only was Gloria Vanderbilt an iconic designer, actress and author, she was also a philanthropist and one of New York's most popular and well-known socialites. And she was the mother of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

I'm not sure if you can still find a pair of those awesome Gloria Vanderbilt jeans online or on a hanger at a thrift store, but I do know that they truly go down in fashion history as some of the best-fitting jeans ever made.

Rest in peace Ms. Vanderbilt.


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