Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Dodgeball Skills With James Corden

This is yet another reason why we just love Michelle Obama. First she's from Chicago so she automatically gets love for that, but did you see her playing dodgeball recently? Check the video, the former First Lady has skills!

Comedian and host of The Late Late Show James Corden challenged Mrs. Obama to a friendly game of celebrity dodgeball and boy did she deliver! She was joined by a host of other celebs such as fellow Chicagoan Lena Waithe, Harry Styles, Kate Hudson, Melissa McCarthy and many more.

The former First Lady has always been so down to earth. I can't think of another First Lady who would even dare to risk the chance of being hit in the head while dodging a ball. And if you give her a challenge, she is always up for it. Yup, that's why we love her.


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