Michael Jackson Was The Greatest Entertainer To Grace A Stage

I never got a chance to meet Michael Jackson during my radio career but at least I will always have access to his music which was the backdrop to my life. Simply put, there will never ever be another performer as great as Michael.

From all the accolades and recognition with hundreds of awards, to being compared to Jesus Christ (as far as recognition goes), there was just something magical about the talent of this phenomenal artist who died too soon. Although he, like many of us, experienced personal challenges and issues, Michael's talent could not be denied. Not only could he dance, but his vocals were so distinct.

He definitely was a major influence on many artists from different genres, ranging from country to Hip Hop and even Gospel. Michael was the American idol, someone who was known in every part of the world, and his music transcended all walks of life.

Today we remember Michael on the 10-year anniversary of his untimely death. Although he is no longer with us, his music will always play on in the hearts of many for generations to come.


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