Rahpael Saadiq announces a new album from Tony, Toni, Tone!!!!

Soooooooo, I just got done watching a VERY interesting interview with Rapheal Saadiq, and how I learn about his journey... Interesting to say the least!!!! Well first, let me start with, I'm excited about the resurrection of Tony, Toni, and Tone! They are coming back out with a new album entitled: Jimmy Lee.

The album is named after his brother who had a severe heroin addiction, but it kinda takes me back to the very first TTT album where the first single was Little Walter, where he sung about another heroin addict... He also shared the info about the break up between TTT and also the separation between Lucy Pearl.... Rapheal ever went on the explain the changing to his last name from Wiggins to Saadiq. I can say, this interview was so pleasantly delightful and informative. I cant wait for the release of Jimmy Lee and I will be purchasing concert tickets if/when he ever comes to Chicago!!!



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