Rules To Follow When Swimming In Lake Michigan This Summer

Summer is here and these hot temps are expected to keep us company all week, and with hot weather comes a trip to the beach. Many people will be hanging out at the beaches along Lake Michigan and following are some rules to follow when swimming at the beach:

First and foremost, you must always know where the nearest lifeguard is located.

Know the water conditions, usually there will be flags flying that will indicate if swimming is permitted or not and the level of what the conditions are.

Always observe danger signs. If there is a sign that says you can't swim in an area, please don't.

Don't swim toward piers, diving platforms or pilings. Swim away from them.

Look out for dangerous marine life -- you never know if dangerous marine life can be lurking in certain areas of the lake.

Consider your physical energy and swimming skills because if you swim out from shore, you have to swim back.

Do NOT fight or swim against a current, gradually swim away from it.

Do not perform dangerous stunts in or out of the water.

It's always good to swim with a buddy.

Hopefully these rules will help you to have a safe and enjoyable visit to the beach this summer!


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