An Iconic Chicago Publication Finally Goes Digital

An iconic Chicago publication is going digital. The Chicago Defender, which has been in circulation for the past 114 years will leave the print world and go digital on July 11th. This is a major move for a newspaper that is so historical and a force not only in the African-American community, but across the world.

I'm happy to see that the Defender is taking a big step to keep up with ever-changing technology. For some it may be a challenge with the changes and accepting the reality that the Defender will be all digital, but for others it will probably make reading the news much simpler. The bottom line is that change is good. But I commend the powers that be for going this long without becoming digital. I thought the Defender was going to remain a traditional newspaper, however it is almost impossible not to conform.

Props to the staff at the Chicago Defender who work so hard on a daily basis to provide us with news that is important to our communities and our culture. To still be going strong after more than a century is remarkable, especially in this day and age of changes in the media industry.

Let me get ready to download my app, I'm excited for this change.


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