Not One Arrest From The Crosstown Classic Brawls?

It amazes me how coverage of incidents by the media can take on a whole different view depending on the parties involved. I read and watch news constantly, and there is definitely a difference between coverage of news involving white people and people of color.

Now I am definitely not trying to stir up a discussion on race relations in America because this post would be miles long, however I will say that the brawl at the Crosstown Classic at Guaranteed Rate Field this past weekend netted not one single arrest, and that is quite odd.

I seriously wonder had the participants been people of color would the outcome and coverage by the media be different. Of course it would. What a shame these brawls had to happen in the first place, baseball is America's pastime, a time to enjoy a revered sport with the family. Why are there multiple fights taking place? And there were NO arrests? Not one?

Stories like these make me think real deep about the narrative that is created by the media when covering certain incidents and situations. I can only image what type of coverage would have been given had the brawls been black people. The story would have been on repeat throughout every newscast and I can guarantee there would have been some arrests.


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