Common's Video 'HER Love' Shows Love To Hip Hop


The Chicago homie Common is one of the best rappers to pick up a mic, and I'm not just saying that because he's from the home town. His rhymes are something like magic and his freestyle is crazy. How he comes up with lyrics off the top of his head is pure talent and a special skill he's been blessed with.

I checked out his latest single 'HER Love' which is an ode to Hip Hop. Of course I thought he was talking about a woman, but he flipped it on me. HER stands for "Hip Hop in its Essence is Real." On this track he gets some help on the hook from Daniel Caesar, and Dwele jumps in too, with the beat by J Dilla.

Common's verses are deep no matter who he's rapping to, and that's why I rock with him.


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