Elderly People Need To Be Respected And Honored

It is so important that we honor and respect the elderly. They are full of wisdom and have been where we will soon be going. It's never okay to disrespect older people in any way, and it's really not right to make fun of, or take advantage of an elderly person either.

When you're on a bus, please get up and give your seat to an old man or woman. If you see an elderly person crossing the street, it's okay to ask them if they need help or just simply escort them to make sure they cross safely. When at a grocery store, ask if they want help to their car or to public transportation. When you see an elderly person in danger, grab the phone and call 911.

Many of our senior citizens can't see or hear that well, some are faced with memory loss and others don't have the physical ability to move around, or mental capacity to understand or communicate like they used to. We should treat them with the utmost respect and honor them because they have paved the way for us on many levels, seen and unseen. God bless our senior citizens and may He continue to provide and protect them.


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