Retail Stores Are Closing By The Dozens

I love shopping and I love a trip to the mall, but I have to admit lately I don't really do shopping malls because these days they are like a ghost town. Over the holiday weekend I took a trip to Northbrook Court and there were literally about 16 people in the entire mall, except at the Macy's store. And the only reason there were people in there is because that particular Macy's is closing its doors for good and the sales are ridiculous.

Not only is the Macy's closing, but there were so many vacant stores in the mall with blacked out windows and locks on the doors. It looked really bad, especially since Northbrook Court is considered an affluent mall which has stores like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and Neiman Marcus. All of those particular stores are still there, but even when I walked in them there were more sales people than shoppers.

What is happening to our malls? They are slowly shutting down, that's what. With online shopping being the norm these days, people are ordering what they want from the comfort of their homes or right on their phones wherever they are. It's sad to see major retailers close so many stores and malls that are half empty, but it is inevitable with the way technology is moving us.

Scores of retailers are closing stores or going out of business all together. Click here to see if your fave is on the list:


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